Professional Recording and Mixing Studio

Our recording and mixing studio is in Milan near San Siro Stadium.

The studio consists of a control room designed and built primarily for professional mix and mastering. It has a recording room suitable for recording acoustic instruments , vocals , choirs and electrical amplification.

ProTools HDX is the system used for recording and mixing. It offers high DSP calculation and patching.

Top-level effects like Eventide H8000, EL Distressor & Fatso, UA LA2A, Manley and Elysia as an example, and the skill of Marco D’Agostino, ensure great depth and punch in your production.

For a full technical vision please go to Gear List page.



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Why mix in our recording studio?

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  • matteo faustini - nel bene e nel male
  • matteo faustini - figli delle favole
  • rita pavone - niente
  • damiano mulino - come l'america
  • giulia penna - caramelle mou
  • ginta - shangai
  • boco - nuda