Online Mixing

In this studio we offer anĀ Online Mixing serviceĀ in an accurate control environment specifically designed to listen to your mix as closely as possible to the real world. Together with our experience we create with you the sound you want.

With access to some of the best tools in the audio industry and the experience of using them , your songs will have the best possible chance to impress and excite the largest possible audience and stand out from the crowd thanks to a professional-sounding mix.

All this from the comfort of your home or in your production studio.

Finally we also offer you the mastering of your work to a discounted price.


Much information you provide the better the result of the mix.

How it works

  • 1Contact

    Acknowledgment of the work and the first estimate of times and costs.
    Tell us about the sound that you want and other information on the mix to be performed.
  • 2Files

    You can choose to send the session mix in a DVD by mail or use our server or WeTransfer for online file transfers.
  • 3Payment

    As for mastering service, you can choose to pay by bnak transfer or paypal ( credit card ) .
  • 4Mix

    We proceed with the mixing of the song/s . We use ProTools and the best analog outboards.
    You can choose also a in-the-box mix for a lower price of the service.
  • 5Revisions

    At the end of the work we will send you the file of the mix to be approved. It then proceeds with the revisions of the mix up to your satisfaction.
  • 6Conclusion

    Once approved we will send you the final mix with instrumental and acappella for the mastering process. You can use also our Mastering Service for a lower price.

How to prepare files

Files will be wav or aiff 16/24 bit 44khz/48khz/96khz.

You can send us a protools session/s or send the bounce / export of tracks from start to end of the song.

it is essential the correct synchronization between tracks . If you export the tracks to software such as Logic , be sure to REMOVE any plugins from the master 's program in order to avoid any digital latencies that could jeopardize the sync between tracks.

We prefer that the individual audio tracks are DRY ie without effects , EQ or compression unless they took special effects during production of the song / s

It is advisable zipping the folder of the song in the formats ZIP or RAR indicating the name of the zipped file : artist - Track Name - bpm - creation date.

If possible , and if it is not a protools session , include in the zip file with a midi track markers and track time.

How to send files for the online mixing

You can use WeTransfer or any other system of delivery of large files like Dropbox , Google Drive (preferably the latter two).

In case of excessive size of the working sessions , the dear old Priority Mail with a nice pair of DVD can always come in handy.

Some examples of our work

  • tecla - 8 marzo
  • matteo faustini - nel bene e nel male
  • matteo faustini - figli delle favole
  • rita pavone - niente
  • damiano mulino - come l'america
  • giulia penna - caramelle mou
  • ginta - shangai
  • boco - nuda
  • boco - lunatico