Professional Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering

Here at Mastering Studio we offer Stereo Mastering (up to 5 stems ; eg . Base , voice , choirs , ... ) and Stem Mastering services (over 5 stems ; eg drum , bass , GTRs , keys , vox , vox dub , bvcs , ... ) also Online.
We realize mastering of character and depth using the best analog outboards, the most advanced native and DSP powered audio plugins available and a trasparent ad/da conversion.

Online Mastering offers an Audio Mastering Onlineservice for your productions with a very competitive price without sacrificing quality. Contact Mastering Studio for a free estimate without obligation.
Online Mastering

Stem Mastering

When you want more control over your tracks, you may choose the Stem Mastering service.
This recent technique of mastering allows interventions to solve the problems of individual groups of tracks without affecting the whole mix.
Stem Mastering