Online Mastering

Stereo Mastering (up to 5 stems; eg. Instrumental, lead vox, back vocals, ... ) and Stem Mastering services (over 5 stems; eg drum, bass, gtrs, keys, vox, vox dub, bvcs, ... ) are also available in a Online Mastering session.

You will not need to came here and you can listen to our work directly from your production studio and in your audio systems reference. We will activate your personal account on our server and you can use it to upload the source files and download the mastered ones or the entire CD in DDPi format. You can also share the files with your work team.

With Mastering Studio you can choose our Audio Online Mastering Service and we will perform eqing, compression, limiting and authoring as an attended session. If you have just mastered material and need only a duplication master, we will take care of the PQ editing and the creation of the PMCD or the DDPi.

Choose a session of audio online mastering does not mean compromising on quality.

All the steps that are carried out in the mastering studio as an attended session will be performed in an online mastering session with the utmost attention and care that your production deserves.

Once you have approved our work we proceed with the PQ editing, ISRC codes, UPC/EAN code and finally the creation of the DDPi or PMCD. The PMCD will then be mailed to the address of your choice while the DDPi Master will be loaded on your account on our server.

The advantages of Online Mastering

  • better prices
  • chance to listen on your plant reference the songs that will be loaded on the server
  • opportunity to download the songs anywhere even on your smartphone!

How Online Mastering works

  • 1Contact

    Acknowledgment of the work and the first estimate of times and costs.
    Tell us about the sound that you want to get references and other information on mastering to perform.
  • 2Files

    You can choose to use our server or WeTransfer for online transfer of work files.
  • 3Payment

    You can choose to pay via bank transfer or paypal ( credit card ).
  • 4Mastering

    We proceed with the mastering of the songs. We use a mix of analog and digital technologies to get a mastering A grade quality.
  • 5Revisions

    At the end of the work you will be sent the mastered file to be approved. It then proceeds with the revisions up to your satisfaction at no additional cost .
  • 6Conclusion

    Once approved the version of the master, you will be sent all the high resolution files for digital distribution over the DDPi format for physical printing CD.