Stem Mastering Mastering Studio is specialized in a tecnique called audio stem mastering. It means that we will perform a mastering session with separated tracks (eg drum, bass, guitars, lead vox, ..) also knowed as "separation mastering".

This allows for a targeted intervention regarding problems related to individual groups (eg low punch in the drum session or a nasal lead voice).

This technique allows us to get a result otherwise impossible with a stereo mastering avoiding compromises on the overall sound of the mastering job.

Thanks to Stem Mastering your productions will thus achieve an awesome sound definition.

It's also possible to book a stem mastering online session thru our web-based engine to upload your files.

Why choose the Stem Mastering service

You may choose the Stem Mastering service when the mix lacks in some instrument parts or when the producer feels the mix not glued and would like to review the mix along with the mastering engineer with a fresh listening. Or even if we believe not enough mastering stereo for a top quality product.

The Stem Mastering can afford to radically change the sound of a mix or control gently every part of a song to increase the emotion. Also allows you to listen to how the product will actually be, without further processing.

Mastering Services

  • tecla - 8 marzo
  • matteo faustini - nel bene e nel male
  • matteo faustini - figli delle favole
  • rita pavone - niente
  • damiano mulino - come l'america
  • giulia penna - caramelle mou
  • ginta - shangai
  • boco - nuda
  • boco - lunatico